The Lenten and Easter Seasons

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How and why do people commemorate and celebrate Lent and Easter?

how and why of lent and easter


Some of the questions that people in our class asked include…

What are the consequences if you do eat meat on Fridays in Lent?

On which day did Jesus die?

Why DO we get ashes on Ash Wednesday?

What colour robes does the priest wear during Lent?

What colour robes does the priest wear at easter time? Why?

Why do we have an Easter bunny?

Some other things to think about include…

Are there people who DON’T commemorate Lent and/or Easter? Why?

Where did the Easter traditions originate?

Are there any instructions or clues in the New Testament about how we should commemorate Easter?

Is there any information in the Old Testament about older Jewish traditions that might have transferred to the Christian tradition?


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